Mundo Emilia

The story behind Mundo Emilia

In early 2007, while Mónica was graduating from high school and I was still studying Language Arts, we started Mundo Emilia. Since we both loved literature and illustration, we wanted to share our creativity and, at the same time, make a better and more beautiful world. Consequently, with the stories and poems that we had already written and illustrated, we built our first webpage with the help of my sister. It was a lot of work, but we were pretty happy how it turned out. Then, life threw us a curveball and our dream came to a standstill. However, we did not give up. We continued writing and illustrating, but we did not publish anything for over four years! People could have said that we failed, but during this time we learnt so much about ourselves and the purpose behind our lives. It was no failure! It was just a different kind of success, a quieter and humbler one. Thus, after these turns of events, we are happy to be back and begin this journey with you.
So what will you find here? Well, a little bit of everything. Mundo Emilia is the little ray of sunshine that filters through a cloudy sky. It is the place where something as ordinary like washing the dishes or reading to a child weaves our extraordinary lives. We hope that Mundo Emilia brings joy to your daily life and reminds you to always trust in God and remain a child at heart.

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