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The adventures of Beekle, written by Dan Santat, is a story of friendship, but more about how to find friends and keep them. Here is the book trailer:

Everyone loved Beekle, even the critics. The book won the 2015 Caldecott Medal. Why was it so succesful?

Friendship is something we all want in our lives. We may live without riches, but without a single friend… our world would be very dark even if our surroundings are bright and colorful. This is exactly what happens to Beekle. He lives in a magical and wondrous place, but it is not enough so he leaves his home and sails to the real world.

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Beekle teaches us to be proactive. If you want something or are looking for someone, you just have to jump into the water and swim. Beekle never gets envious that others find their friend first than he does. We could all learn from this.

Dan Santat

I will not spoil you how Beekle finds a friend, but it is quite unexpected. This is the other lesson the story teaches us. You have to be open to be amazed by the uncertainty of life. All you can do is start. Where will the road take you? You will just have to wait and see.

Dan Santat

Finally, when we find our friends, the world  will  not feel as strange as before and with them by your side the true adventure begins.

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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