Ike LaRue is the main character of a series of books written by Mark Teague. Ike is a fox terrier just like another famous dog, Milou from The Adventures of Tintin. What I love most of the books is Ike’s voice. In each letter he writes, you feel like Ike is truly speaking to you and his rambunctious personality leaps out of the page.

Mark Teague 2

Ike is sent to obedience school and he does not like it. So he begins to write letters to his owner. He paints a grim and hopefully guilt-inducing picture of his experience. However, the reader knows what is actually happening.

Mark Teague 3

This is an excellent book to teach truthfulness and responsibility. You will be able to discuss with children the importance of accountability and learning from our mistakes. Will Ike ever learn this? You will just have to read and find out.

Mark Teague 4

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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