I still remember the first time I read Madeline and how I absolutely fell in love with her fearless personality. Ludwig Bemelmans wrote seven stories about her. However, she became such a beloved character that cartoons, films, toys, and more books soon followed. In 2014, Madeline celebrated her 75th birthday and to honor this event many activities were done. Here is a piece of news that CBS Sunday Morning did:

Madeline 1

Now why is Madeline so popular? Just like the little girls in the CBS Sunday Morning piece said, I believe she is liked because she is a kind leader. A leader who is kind? Yes and, just like then and now, we admire this combination since it is extremely hard to come about.
Madeline 3

So what exactly is a kind leader? It is someone who is not afraid of people knowing exactly who they truly are, someone who strives to know each person in order to bring out patiently the best in them, someone who does not preach but leads by example, someone who when everything seems to go wrong has the will to smile. I believe Madeline teaches us exactly that.
Madeline 2

If you have not read Madeline’s adventures, I encourage you to do so. You will absolutely love them!

That’s all there is, there isn’t any more.

Madeline 4

Watch this 1952 faithful adaptation of Madeline:

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