Everybody I know loves Olivia. She has a lot of spunk! Ian Falconer introduced her to us fifteen years ago and she was an instant hit. She was a Caldecott Honor and was the Gold Award winner of the Parent’s Choice Awards. More than a dozen books later, it appears that Olivia has made a home in our hearts.

Olivia 1

In this post, however, I would like to go back to the beginning. Olivia’s first book. The first sentence summarizes perfectly Olivia’s personality, “She is good at a lots of things.” In the subsequent pages, we get to know those “things” and we instantly identify with her.

Olivia 5

But why was Olivia such a hit? I believe it is her fearlessness what appeals to as all. She is not afraid to try new things, ask questions, and speak her mind.

Olivia 4

Olivia is also special because she represents how children are nowadays. She likes books, art, and opera!

Olivia 3

But above all, Olivia is a negotiator. Something unimaginable in the past!

“Only five books tonight, Mommy,” she says.

“No, Olivia, just one.”

“How about four?”



“Oh, all right, three.

But that’s it”.

Olivia 2

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