I took one look at this photograph and I knew that I had to write about fortitude, the great virtue as some would call it. But why would a pineapple just sitting there upright in the middle of nowhere make me think of fortitude?

Fortitude guides us to do more than what it is asked of ourselves, not to conform or be mediocre. This is why the picture of the pineapple made me think of this virtue. The pineapple is completely out of place, but I believe it is going somewhere, it sees beyond the horizon, it has plans and the force to go out there and achieve its dreams. You need fortitude to do this!

Fortitude helps us in two different but complementary ways. It helps us to resist and to act. If we encounter difficulties or irritations on our path, fortitude will give us the strength to bear them with grace and patience. If we become tired and bewildered, fortitude will give us the energy to finish the path we have started.

However, fortitude is not blind. We need to know where are we going and if the goals we have set for ourselves are not working, fortitude will help us start over. To go throughout life without fortitude, would be to lead a life in fear, recklessness, and indifference. We would easily give up when problems arise, we would be irresponsible, and we would never believe the world could be a better and more wonderful place.

Now go out there and start fighting for your dreams! Begin with small ones. The world has been built by tiny acts of kindness scattered  throughout the centuries.


Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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