This past August, I was invited to read for the children’s reading club Colibrí at the Ludwig von Mises Library. Monica was in charge of the decorations and “Make your own hat” activity.


We read The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Seuss. The Children were amazing and we had so much fun.


They had never been read aloud a Dr. Seuss book. They had only watched the movies. Even in Spanish Dr. Seuss stories really stir the imagination of young children.

Club Colibri Mundo Emilia Moncharis 7

Here is the exhibition and hats Monica made for the children.

Club Colibri Mundo Emilia Moncharis 16

I tried to read with as much expression as possible. I have found a new appreciation for voice actors. It is really difficult!


The day before the activity, Monica’s studio was filled with glitter, feathers, glue, paper plates… but the end results were fabulous!

Here we are helping the children make their hats together with Wendy, the loveliest person you will ever meet!



Club Colibri Mundo Emilia Moncharis 13


This is the final picture of the day. All of us left with a smile on our faces and a tall hat on our heads!

Moncharis Mundo Emilia Ame and Monica

¡Feliz Día del Niño!

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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