Why are you so lazy in giving? Don’t you know that whatever you give to men here on Earth you also bestow it to the King in Heaven?

A generous person knows how to love, understand, give … knows how to move beyond selfishness and broaden his or her horizon.  In other words, generosity motivates us to act unselfishly on behalf of others.

Therefore, if you would like from now on to be more generous take into account the following points. Firstly, try to be generous to everybody, even to people you don’t like very much. Secondly, don’t always expect compensation. Don’t think about, “I’ll help you today, so you will help me tomorrow.” Thirdly, look at the person you are being generous to and give her or him what she or he truly needs at that moment. Think, “How can I help him or her?” and drop the idea of “What do I have or can live without in order to help?” The best act of generosity is the one that requires a little bit of effort. Lastly, let’s allow others to be generous to us.

Remember that more than material things we can give above all more faith “make it easier for people to get closer to Christ.” Moreover, let’s be more generous to us. We must learn to value our own possessions and qualities, because other people may not have them, and, therefore, we must take care of them and put them at the service of others. “A generous person doesn’t give without thinking beforehand. That would be abandonment, letting others robe your possessions.”

So let’s start being more generous!


Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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