Maurice Sendak

The house where I grew up in was always filled with the delightful smell of baked goods. Nothing makes me feel more at home than freshly baked Magdalena (Coffee Cake)! Baking seemed like magic when I was a young child. My parents gave me as a gift Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen. I could not read yet, but his illustrations reinforced in me the magical idea I had about mixing eggs, flour, and milk and ending with a solid, moist and scrumptious piece of cake! How could that be?, I used to ask myself.

Now that I know how to make not only cake but cookies, yes cookies!, I often go back to Mickey’s story because this is where I first learnt the words batter, kneading, dough, and most importantly the process of baking: “So the bakers they mixed it, and beat it, and baked it.” Essential skills to know, indeed!

Milk in the Batter! Milk in the Batter! We bake cake! And Nothing’s the matter!

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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