Cuentos de Mundo Emilia

This is a poem by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a Spanish post-romantic poet. He is famously known for his short Rhymes. One of my favorite rhymes is No. 21., which in English reads as follows: “What is poetry? you ask, while fixing your blue pupil on mine. What is poetry! And you are asking me? Poetry… is you.” This is the best definition of poetry I have ever come across to. Poetry is more than just words following a rhythmical pattern. It is more than the message it communicates!  Poetry is a mystery just like man is. Poetry is a bridge between all things visible and invisible, because when you hear its music and words a poem transfixes you. It takes you to the most inner part of your soul and a conversation begins. Unfortunately it is becoming less popular with readers of all ages. They run away from it and shun it. Maybe it is because of our busy lives. We are always hurrying from one activity to another. We seldom have time to think, much less question our beliefs and the things we choose to do. Or maybe we are afraid of what we will find inside ourselves, what we have become, and what we have left behind. But if poetry is not a thing but a Somebody, just imagine how our lives would be greatly enriched.

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.

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