Little Bear is a series of children’s books written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. The first series was written in 1957 and they tell the adventures that Little Bear has with his friends and family. Although the plot of these stories is quite simple, there are no magic powers or life-and-death situations,  the reader, you and I, will be left with a better appreciation of the everyday little things that occurred to us when we were children.

little bear mirrorWhenever I reread Little Bear, I feel happy because I go to a place where grandparents tell stories to their grandchildren, mothers play with their children, fathers come home and are greeted with hugs and kisses, children use their imagination to play, a place where family life is the most important thing of all.

little bear at the beachMy favorite book is Little Bear’s Visit. I love how Little Bear enjoys exploring his grandparents house. This was something I loved to do too. When I visited my grandparents house, I would love to open my grandmother’s dressing table drawers. And my grandfather fell asleep just like Grandfather Bear! These are the settings that will raise you into the person you will be!

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