The story of Bartholomew Cubbins invites us to believe in the possibility that life may surprise us. Bartholomew is only a small boy who one day decided to go into town and sell cranberries in order to help his poor family. But ordinary events, like the King passing by through the crowded streets of the Kingdom of Didd, are almost always the catalysts of the unexpected occurrences in our lives. Something quite unexpected happens with Bartholomew’s hat that will change his life forever. The story of Bartholomew taught me that you do not have to move certain pieces in your life so that miracles may happen. Bartholomew is only doing what a good child would do. This is the lesson: Do what you have to do today and when difficulties arise bear them patiently. Bartholomew does not know exactly what is happening to his hat, his King is angry and the King’s aides are not honestly helping him, but Bartholomew wins at the end. His secret: obedience and patients.Bartholomew Cubbins Moncharis Mundo Emilia Seuss

Illustrator and writer at Moncharis.