The bear that wanstThe Bear that wasn’t by Frank Tashlin is a book for intelligent children. Why? Because after reading it your child will start asking questions. And not silly or superficial ones, but deep and penetrating. It is a story about a bear that, when coming out of hibernation, is standing in the middle of a factory. Yes, you read right. A factory. I won’t give the ending away just in case you haven’t read it. However, the questions children may ask you (if they are intelligent children) is how do we know what’s true, how do we find the truth inside ourselves, how do we know what’s real. So you’d better be ready. Do not get fooled by the global warming crowd regarding this book. Since it is a story about a factory in the woods and a confused bear, you may be inclined to see this story through this prism, but don’t. So how are we going to answer these profound and scary questions? The answer lies in the story itself. You will read that Bear finds the answers by analyzing his own nature’s rules that are inside him and the ones that are also inside the nature that surrounds him. People, if they wisht it, are the only beings on earth that can distort these rules in themselves and others. But Bear is too smart to follow the misguided people (and bears!) in our story. This is a great story to teach children not to accept every opinion that they hear in the world, but to only listen and analyze it and compare it with the constant and never-changing nature’s rules.




The bear that wasnt

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